Thursday, June 4, 2009

My future world, my rules.

Everyday you short-lives prove to me just how unfit you are to rule your planet.

A friend and fellow witch (Amy) spent some time the other day chatting about the environment and how much you’ve harmed it.

Air Pollution
Killing innocent beast and stealing their homes.
Cutting down trees.
Water pollution and so on.

You would think you would have learned not to sleep where you defecate…no.

But no worries, I’ve decided to help you fix your world when I take over. I will inact a few rules and spells to help do this. And yes there will be changes to the way you live but trust me, I know better.

1. Cut down a tree, become a tree.
2. Kill an endangered creature or kill one for sport, become that creature.
3. The destruction of all polluting technology, they didn’t have it on my home world, you don’t need it either. So find clean resources or go without.
4. Those caught polluting will be ground into dust and use as fertilizer.
5. Corporations involved in polluting will be turned into tree groves, park land or Ozone gas.

If I’ve missed something let me know.
I might shrink you and feed you to endangered animals for it, but then again I might not.

Obey Me
And we can make the world a better place.


The Acrobatic Flea said...

(6) Boy racers who drive around with their stereo systems on way too loud to be condemned to an eternity in a 70s disco.

I can't wait for you to take over, Princess... the sooner the better ;-)

Princess Lucinda Nightbane said...

I've noticed a lot of noise pollution myself.
I have no idea what the 70's or disco is but I do know good music.

And I shall turn those nothings into good music to play melodiously in the wind till they fade to nothing.

Kate said...

The 70´s are the years from 1971 to 1980 in our world.

And maybe you should also do something about people who experiment on animals. Man, I actually think now the world would be a much better with you as its ruler.

Princess Lucinda Nightbane said...

Ah yes mortals who use lesser creatures (which says a lot as few things are lesser than humans) as toys for their alchemy.

They shall be turned into what they they harm.

Kate said...

I think when you are done, the human race itself will be an endangered species.

Princess Lucinda Nightbane said...

Humans have their roles to play.....(giggle)Every queen needs pawns.

Kate said...

Heeeey, I`m not a pawn :( I think.

Princess Lucinda Nightbane said...

Of course not.
Why would you think that... (smirk)

Kate said...

I just want to mention that I never, ever mistreated animals or the environment. And that I have much respect and admiration for you, oh beautiful, mighty Princess.

So, I think I would be of best use for you as a human being. *grovelling smile*

ConfusedDave said...

I think some people, corporate-types in particular, would be happier as trees. So much time spent making people miserable, and they're miserable too. Tree-life seem more relaxing.. not that I know corporate life or tree life, just a guess.

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