Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Magical kingdom....I think not.

Dear mortals,

I feel as your superior in everyway it’s my duty to tell you things that you may not be ready to hear.

School is officially out for the summer respite. Though I’m loath to admit it I will actually miss my friends and I’m looking forward to meeting up with them mid summer at Witch-Con (I have no idea what it is by Monica assures me its cool).

But before that day of renewed camaraderie I will be taking a trip with my sister Millicent her beau Adam to a place called…Disney World. A so called magical kingdom.

Mortals…after some research I have determined, there is nothing magical about a kingdom lorded over by an over sized rodent his duck comrade and a dog like creature. (Whom nature is in question as the Rodent has a Pet dog….Is this “Goofy” some hideous hybrid?)

Only mortals, poor backwards creatures that you are would think such vile vermin was fit to rule a magical Kingdom. Further research shows that it’s also home to so called “Magical Princesses” whom magic seems to be their ability to annoy and survive long enough for some half-wit prince to save them.

Though my sister dosen’t know it I’ve decided to help the peons and pawns of this kingdom by removing its misshapen vermin leaders and eliminating its incompetent princesses and taking over as its ruler. After all I do need a summer home and my sister has often said I should use my power s in a more benevolent manner”

Looking over this kingdom I’ve decided to also remodel much of it starting with that eyesore of a castle.

The thought of it burning and the lamentations of its rat kings as he cries in horror bring a smile to face already.


Dennis said...

Rumor has it goofy was originally meant to be a shaved Lion I have no idea wheather that's true or not I never could understand the whole Duck, Mouse, Dog, DogLion thing seems unstead of dog or lion or dog lion the logical equation would be Mouse Duck Pig you can never have enough pigs in these kinda situations pigs are funny

Kate said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Princess Lucinda Nightbane said...

Pig you say?

Is that a request?

Kate said...

Heeeeeey, why did my comment get deleted?? What did I do? :(

Dennis said...

I'm just saying pigs are funny and by far the tastiest animal

ConfusedDave said...

I thought Dennis's scrawling sounded like a request too, not that I mean to presume anything, of course, Princess.
Though I admit I know nothing about the disney animals, or if pigs are funny. I think pigs are tasty, however.

Kate said...

I think pigs are both funny AND tasty. I just don`t understand what exactly they have to do with Disney, but thats ok.

Princess Lucinda Nightbane said...

Pigs are disgusting creatures...though ironicly tasty.

So how about we solve the problem this way. I turn Dennis into a pig and use him as bait at Disney?

Kate said...

A great solution, oh great Princess Lucinda. But what do you need the bait for?

Princess Lucinda Nightbane said...

To draw out the Rat king and his minions.

They will smell the roasting swine bathe in fruit juices and spices come forward and do what I must to.."Free" their peons.

Groveling Humans