Monday, April 6, 2009

The Weekend and Witch Moutntain

Sunday, the official first day in your human calendar and this one of my favorites at least this day past Sunday was. Sometimes a Princess needs her personal time. Time to just enjoy her own company, what passes for fresh air on your world and her own thoughts.

Because I passes my Curses test and had avoided mischief at school for nearly a week I was given a weekend pass. Saturday I spent with my sister, she cooked my favorite foods, we played some games from our home world (Who rules would just make your primate heads explode) and went to the movies.

I wanted to see Watchmen but your silly Mortal rules about movie ratings made that impossible without me destroying the theater ticketer and manager (Which my sister asked me not too). And thus I ended up watching Race to Witch Mountain.

Race to Witch Mountain review.

Dear Disney, if your going to do the story of my life, get it right….
My sibling is an older sister not a brother, we landed in New York nor near Las Vegas and who in the dark lady’s name is the cabby?

The Movie was trite and silly. Children from the other side of the galaxy (Like any creature in this universe could manage faster than light travel) arrive on earth seeking some silly cinematic mcguffin in order to stop some war. Run across Human muscle man cabby (contrived) and have many chases trying to get to their space trip and back home.

This Dwayne Johnson who remind me of the Rolzon at home is you’re typical Hero type who dosen’t want to be a hero but wants to be one….And the Children with the powers are utter idiots. All that power and brains the size of peas when it comes to using them.

Why is it Human Cinema all the people with special abilities are dolts and want to hide their powers? I swear If I was in this movie it would have been call War to Witch Mountain. Silly alien children…..

The following day (Sunday) I head out to Central park, find my special place (a part of the park I’ve magical looked away and only I or my sister can find or visit). I set out a picnic and for music I use a classical quartette I found playing in the park (Whom I shrunk and caged). It was a glorious day of music talking to the spirits a and wild magical creatures that live in my personal glade.

After a day of relaxation I then returned to the apartment packed a few things, said good bye and then return to school before the 9pm curfew.


Dennis said...

Ha 9pm curfew thats one of the benefits of being an adult I can make fun of people with 9pm curfews

Princess Lucinda Nightbane said...

I think someone wants to be a toad...

Dennis said...

what I say was it the young kid thing or the 9 pm curfew joke?

Princess Lucinda Nightbane said...

You know the kid statement.... That just screams..."Please turn me into a baby goat".

So lets forget toad and go with that.

Dennis said...

:( I'll be good well god knows i"ll try.....ok I won't be good its not in my nature :(

Princess Lucinda Nightbane said...

silly short-life.

Kate said...

Great Princess Lucinda, I`m very sorry that our movies aren`t enjoyable enough for you. Of course, can you really expect us lowly mortals to be able to make a movie good enough for someone superior like you? It´s impossible!

Oh and......please have mercy and don`t destroy me :(

Princess Lucinda Nightbane said...

Actually there are mortal movies I enjoy. But they are rare, as for mercy....we'll see

Kate said...

Hmm, I guess you do enjoy movies in which humans are brutally murdered, right? I bet you would love Freddy Krueger films. And thanks for not immediatly turning me into a pig or something, oh most beautiful and greatest Princess of the universe *grovel grovel*

Dennis said...

I'm moving down in the world that was possibly toad possibly goat and possibly destroyed I'm probably batting a 1000 here

Princess Lucinda Nightbane said...

Actually I'm not into horror movies nor am I into movies as you described Kate.

1. mortal Horror is far from Horrific.
2. I'm not some sociopath.
which is by tghe way insulting....hmmm a pig you say?

Kate said...

Oh No, no no no. I would never dare to call you a sociopath, of course not :( But seeing as you enjoy the torture of mortals, I just thought....uhm..I...uh.....please don`t turn me into a pig?

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