Thursday, April 2, 2009

Saving Witch Rosa

I could care less about the faith of a witch of this world. But it seems I managed to get entangled in the life of one.

After an “Unauthorized” visit to the schools cafeteria late at night for real ice cream (not the conjured kind) I and three other students were caught by the schools ghost kitchen servant who summoned the headmistress.

Things went down hill and as I promised my sister to be on my best behavior on campus I could do nothing but take the punishment dished out by our headmistress. The Punishment was however not what I expected.

We were sent via a teleportation gate from Maine to California to recruit a girl who had no idea about her magical legacy.

Suffice it to say the adventure that came allowed me a modicum of entertainment.

The new Girl, Rosa despite her lack of training and peasant upbringing has potential. Potential that may make her worthy of some personal magical tutelage from me.

The Other girls, they seem to be loyal and don’t totally annoy me. Which is different?

All in all
The Princess is amused.

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Dennis said...

Peasent this and lowly that always in a bad mood what you need is a glass of milk and a good night sleep then maybe you wouldn't be so cranky al the time

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