Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Curses Class Test.

After a short stint in mortal school where I found no challenges in the classes I ‘m now at Willow-mistt a school for native witches.

Though some of the classes are easy a few I find challenging (and I do like a challenge).
Even though I have been cursing most my life my (Spells not profanity) Advanced Cursing under the guidance of Ms. LeRue has actually managed to teach me something.

Recently we had a test on sympathetic magic and I managed (No to my surprise) another perfect score but not without some study and practice.

Sympathetic magic is more than sticking pins and dolls but a matter of building magical link between the Proxy (representation of the subject and subject (target of the spell). This is done usually by bonding a part of the actual subject with the proxy, hair, fingernail or a drop of blood.

From Ms. LeRue I learned that’s not always needed. Through the use of naming magic one can link the subject and proxy by true names (Which most mortals use as their only names) allowing you to create a proxy quickly. This kind of proxy requires a bit more prep-work but the results are the same.

And for me opens up entirely new avenues of magical entertainment.

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