Monday, March 30, 2009

I demand Spring!

This Earth...This sad little world suffers from various problems. One of which is your seasons.
On my home world we had eight seasons some of which are not applicable but regardless they came on time.

One could set their clock by them. The Burning season came on the exact date every day and ended on that exact date. That's order

It seems on your world you're so backwards and primitive you depending on a burring rodent to tell you when spring comes. A rodent.....

I feel I must tell you. rodents are not the best soothsayers. Even if you turn a soothsayer into a rodent being a rodent lowers their precognitive skills
And let’s not get started on how mortals get sniffley and slimy during the prolonged and mismatched seasons. Why? Because your archaic primate biological clocks don't know what to do.

So in review, your world can't get four seasons right.

And after careful research I've discovered what had happened. global warming.
Not only do mortals listen to rodents for weather prediction they can't even take care of their world.

Luckily for you I have a cure for all of this. The world is getting warmer because of high population and human ignorance you say.

Why not turn humans into ice?
That lowers the population lessens the carbon footprint to 0
and cools things down.

Simple yes so simple even the human dullards of this mudball can understand it.

Making a better world for me-

Princess Lucinda

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