Sunday, March 29, 2009


Witches are not the most social of beings. Even at Willow Mistt where I attend you rarely find a witch with more than a hand full of friends normally. Leave it to mortals to change that by infecting us with the social networking bug. No its no I’m not talking about silly your My Spaces or Facebooks, those silly sites would be too humdrum for a witch. A witch needs her own place where she can try to find like minded witches here age to communicate with and hopefully befriend (or destroy).

Magic Friends was created just for that and though I’m never the one to follow trends I thought I would give it a try. Millicent used her new camera to take a picture of me and I made a profile.

When my classmates at Willow Mistt discovered I was officially “Magic Friending” they started sending invites, some out of genuine loyalty, some out of fear of insulting me. After all who would dare not want to be my “Magic Friend” ?

Soon I started getting quick messages from people I knew in person and various sycophantic witchlings. It seems my fame among witches was far more reaching then I suspected. But with fame comes in the view of some Infamy and a few misguided witches thought they would second guess my royal status and my methodology with dealing with idiots.

They thought crossing me across the internet would could keep them safe….they were wrong. I’m no expert at Cybermancy but I have allies who are and with their help I found the fools who would challenge me and to quote my Classmate Lillian, delivered on to them the “Witch Slapping” of their lives.

…Nothing is more refreshing then the smell of smoldering moron in the morning.

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CalistoCoon said...

Well, glad to see you are back, should we resume groveling now?

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