Thursday, June 11, 2009

And you "Short-lives" wonder why you annoy me.

It’s come to my attention (Not that I care) that some of you see me as some one dimensional villian constantly plotting the doom of humanity. That I’m nothing but my contempt for you and the spells I cast to show it.

This I believe is because most of you pitiful creatures see me as your superior (And rightly do) and focus on that rather than other aspects of my persona. You see me as the firm future ruler of your world grinding you (Literally in some cases) other my thumb with a smile on my face. And though you rightly should see me as such I feel the need to tell you there is more to me than your sovereign and subject of your awe and fear.

I have a sister whom most of you have yet to show proper respect despite the fact she is the Empress of my former world in exile (Like myself). She too could destroy you with a mere wiggle of a finger but chooses instead to walk among you pursuing often distasteful mortal goals (Like attending school to become a Chef and reading sappy romance novels).

I have friends both witches and dare I admit mortal. None of you qualify as such however so stop sighing your relief and return to your groveling. Chief among them is what is referred too as my BWFF, Annabelle Deville.

Like minded in deeds and magic as well as many hobbies she has proven to be a welcome addition to my life. Also like me she has a love of tea and various pastries pies and cakes.

After my sister and Annabelle comes my allies at school (Monica, Amber, Lilian, Rosa and Amy) who despite have proven their loyalty to me and loyalty is something I value over almost anything. They also tend to keep me entertained with the constant adventures they tend to get into.

Then comes Ian and I’ll say nothing about him other than he is loyal and refreshingly naive. Those who dare say he’s my boyfriend will spend the remaining moments of their lives as a grub worm.

As for hobbies I have many, a Princess must keep busy.

I enjoy playing the piano
Some of your music entertains me. Your so called classical music (especially Tchaikovskyi) and Jazz (Miles Davis and Billy Holiday being my favorites although for something upbeat Armstrong is nice)

I enjoy picking and arranging flowers.

I enjoy tasting new foods

I enjoy reading histories, fiction, (Just finished reading Canterbury tales…it reminded me a lot of home).

Speaking of things that remind me of home. Walking in central park and riding my broom through thunder storms.

Nothing is better than riding a broom through a thunder storm….

So keeping the above in mind and knowing that keeping me occupied would keep me from destroying one or more of you do you have a deviation or two I should try?? Music, books food?

The Princess awaits your answer


Kate said...

Well, you don`t seem to be much of a TV person, so there is probably nothing I could recommend there.
Hmm, did you ever read "Lord of the Flies"? It`s a great book with a cool, dark atmosphere.

I`m sorry to say that we don`t have anything that includes witches you would like. Most fictional witches are either ugly clichès or have a heart of gold, like Sabrina. Nothing for you there.

Dennis said...

I do not see you as a superior being I personally see everyone in the human race as equal in some way shape or form in no way more or less value then me or any other human :) its my optimistic out look on things :)

Princess Lucinda Nightbane said...

I agree you are all your failings as sentient beings.

Now that we have that out of the way I hope you enjoy wet places, the taste of lies and sunning yourself on lilly pads.

Elijah Loo said...

Turn someone into an animal please

Groveling Humans