Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The Politics of world Domination.

A mortal song I enjoy said it best "First we take manhattan, then we take berlin"
The Darkspire was not built in a day and neither are plans of conquest.

This is why I'm taking my time.
You hairless apes need to be aculmated to my way of doing things first before I unleash my "Endless Iron Reign" upon you all.

So Part one about to go full ahead with the publishing of my life story in graphic novel form. This six issue limited series will be by my minions at Channel M Publishing.

The Artists Vero and JP Dupras are very good and showing my world and need very little in the way of incentiver to get things right. I only had to melt them once so far.

Along with the Graphic novel series of my past adventures will come pne about my me and my BWFF Annabelle.

And lastly My life on what you call film.
I bet you didn't see that coming.
Its stioll in the early stages but one of youtr Hollywood starletts has actually auditioned to play me and more will come although I must admit the first one is my choice.
now I'll give you a get out of doom free pass if you can guess who that is.

More to come.
Obey me...
or else

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Dennis said...

Bah world domanation is over rated besides i'd just run against ya in the elections yeah thats an idea i officially announce my candadency for world domination! Vote for me and get a free donkey!

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