Monday, July 6, 2009

The 4th of July...celebrating a rebellion isn't a great idea.

Human Holidays, especially ones in America often vex me.

Either your celebrating peace and joy, or someone dying or someone dying for peace and joy or war or the end of war…. And so on.. It’s positively psychotic.

Having parents killed in a Rebellion of peasants and near-do wells I’m not amused by the fact you celebrate rebellion on the 4th of July. In fact I think it’ll be the first thing I’ll do away with after I take very your world.

I understand the history behind it and the entire, “No taxation without representation” situation. But there is never a need for rebellion against lawfully and divinely placed nobility and royalty.

You are peasants; you are here to toil for us. Understand your lot in life and accept it.

On my world we made sure our peasants knew their place. We had each of them sear loyalty every 5 years to us in person. Billions filing through on staggered yearly rotations to bow before us by the hundred of thousands in a court year reciting a binding magical contract to do our bidding.

Failure to do so would result in the loss of all rights and properties for life and a stay in the black salt mine or the sea of rot dredging camps for you and your immediate family.

How I miss the sound of the oath echoing across the air to my ears like a praise of thunder.

My sister said we your way of allowing people to voice dissenting views is a better way. My sister is just enamored with your primitive concepts like one is enamored with the flittering of bugs.

I find the whole free speech concept annoying and short sighted.
But then again you are flawed creatures and have much to learn.


Kate said...

And I`m sure you will teach us a lesson. By the way, I think it is really strange that you and your sister are so different from each other. Very weird *scratches head*

Princess Lucinda Nightbane said...

We are not as diffrent as you would think (not that Igive a goblins tooth about what you think.)

My mother explained it like so. "Millicent is at that rebellious age all teeners go through. She wants to do her own thing, be her own person and loves fighting against the satus quo"

Hopefuly I can avoid that part of growing up and one day she'll grow out of it.

Still i love her despite the fact she can be so maddening at times with her rules.

Lucinda don't levitate.
Lucinda melting that family was wrong
Lucinda that mouse you're trying to feed to that snake had better not have been a person.

Kate said...

I see. Eh, trust me, it could be a lot worse. I only have a little sister, who is probably the most annoying person on the planet. She is almost your age now. How old was your sister again?

Princess Lucinda Nightbane said...

Millicent is 19 of our years which makes her close to 20 of your years

Kate said...

Ok, I thought she was a little older. I have a question though: witches can grow veeeery old and live much longer than humans. So, shouldn`t your aging process be a lot slower than ours?? But you look just like a 12 year old human girl would.

Princess Lucinda Nightbane said...

We can live a ver long time.
You see it works like this.
A witch ages slows down after she reaches adulthood.

For some that's my sister's age for others its a little older. At that point we age about 1 year for every 10 mortal years. As we grow older our aging slows even more so about the time w look to be in our early thirties its 1 year for about 20 mortal years. and so on.
Which is why most of the older witches you'll meet looks to be in their late 30's and early 40's.

Now that's the natrual progression. However any witch worth her salt should be able to stop aging be it through spell, potion or force of will by age 100.
Some choose too others don't and there are even some who chosse by force of will to look older.

For us age is a matter of what we want instaed of something we can't do anything you.

Kate said...

Ohhh, you are sooo fascinating, Princess Lucinda. I`m sure it would be pretty awesome to be like you, right? I could put a spell on my sister^^

Princess Lucinda Nightbane said...

Kate....You could never be like me. You are a Low-Blood.

Kate said...

Oh, life can be so unfair :( I assume you are not in the mood to change my sister Nina into something else, right? Damn.

Princess Lucinda Nightbane said...

I'm always in the mood for that .

Kate said...

You are truly the greatest witch in the universe :) You can do with her what you want *big grin*

Dennis said...
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Dennis said...
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Dennis said...

Hey! Hey! It's independance day for me! I've out smarted the princess for 3 weeks running! End result im still a human male! I escaped toadification baby!!!

Princess Lucinda Nightbane said...

(Looks at Dennis...raises an ebrow)
(Turns Dennis into a toad)

Kate said...^^ Good work, Princess

ConfusedDave said...

This just proves you shouldn't challenge the princess. Brag about escaping a toadification, you're treading on thin ice. Anyone powerful enough transform us mortals into things, should be respected.

(Never wants to find out what toadification feels like, so thinks of ways to appease the princess.)

Princess Lucinda Nightbane said...

Confused Dave is right....(this once)

I've been busy and had over looked toading Dennis.

By the way Dennis.
Thank you for reminding me.

The Princess is amused.

ConfusedDave said...

I am just trying to amuse and appease you, Princess. Being right, while nice, pales in comparison to your happiness. Never knowing when or who you may transform, we mortals should tread lightly.

(Briefly wonders how fast toads type, but figures Dennis will figure that out.)

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