Monday, August 3, 2009

In the next few weeks their will be big changes for our favorite Princess.
We are moving her to her own website.There you'll find info about her upcoming comic, galleries, onlinecomics and more.
We are still trying to determine what to do with thid blog, it may be moved to the new website or remain here.
Also there is big news brewing as Lucinda may be jumping to the big screen..... I said enough.
If you have suggestions or questions let us know
-Channel M.


Kate said...

Cool stuff, Lucinda deserves her own website! :) And a Lucinda movie? Sounds like a really dark horrorfilm, lol. Just kidding.

Dennis said...

I wish great success for ya in all your endevers

Channelm said...

From Channel m-

Thank you.
Actually the film script is very much an action/fantasy/dark comedy.

Kate said...

Yeah, thats kinda how I imagined it :)Maybe someone should give Tim Burton a call, that seems just like his kind of movie^^ It will probably be tough to not change Lucinda to a more nicer version of herself to be a sympathetic protagonist, but I`m sure you can handle it.

Channel M said...

I have to disagree I think Lucinda is a very sympathetic.

When you take away all her power and acting out she's just a little girl trying to live up to her parents expections and a little girl who misses her parents.

Kate said...

I`m not saying that I think she isn`t sympathetic, its just very easy to make her seem unsympathetic and it will be hard to avoid that. On the other hand, the main characters in dark comedies are very often not the nicest, heroic characters in the world, so I don?t think that will be much of a problem.

Anonymous said...

I'm surprise Channel M didn't learn it's lesson with the Witch Girls movie. Hollywood is the factory of broken dreams, after all. They'll probably have to pull the plug on it to keep Hollywood from ruining it.

Kate said...

Soooo, any news?

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